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The Future of Treton Series

2011-01-04 10:24:20 by Denfng

Well, I see that many people like my animation. I am really trying to do my best but there is a LOT of work. I'm doing the whole thing on my own (the story plot, animations, voiceacting etc.) so it is going to take time for the second part. If you noticed there are really a lot of details in the first part of Treton (like light effects, detailed environment, the "flying dust" in the mine and so on) and I'm trying to do my next animation with the same good quality. So it will take time but be patient if someone is interested, there are going to be other parts of the movie. And sorry about the stupid voice acting but I can't find people to help me with the voices. :/ I hope you like part 1 because I did it in a period of about 1 year. There is one more thing - I spoke random words as language because I've always were mad when watching sci-fi movies in which the characters talk english but the story is happening on other planets which are not supposed to be "covered" in english letters and language. I know it's good for the mass public to listen english in order to understand the movie and enjoy it more... :[ But if you want my next Treton videos to be in english, I'll make them. After all, the sake of a movie is to be enjoyed by the people. :> I hope u like the next ones. Please leave a comment in which you agree or disagree with the fact that the animation is not sounded with english in order to let me know what you like or dislike. :)